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Mort Rayne- Author and Publisher NY Times Best Seller coming out December 24th with his debut novel "Slipped".

About me: 
I guess my love for the Macabre started when I first read Stephen Kings the Shining. He has a way of making you worry in ways that drive you out of your mind. You just can't stop wanting, needing - as you MUST know what is coming next- total delirium. I get a lot of my inspiration from being a prolific song writer and lyric composer. Finding just the right formula or "recipe" combining all the components in just a way that leaves you wanting more is just great writing. I love to write, I love dogs and children. My favorite food has to be hands down - Asian or Chinese. My wife Che is an amazing woman who loves art and is a fabulous dancer. I am laid back, easy going and I love to create no matter what the art form.